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Fearproof The Pandemic: Thriving in a World Addicted to Fear


Joe Bailey & Jacqueline Hollows

Thursday, April 2nd 
10:00am - 11:30am US Central Time

In these challenging times of uncertainty of the future—our health, social isolation, financial security, death and loss, social unrest--how do we find our inner resilience, peace of mind and mental well being? This webinar will show us how a profound yet simple answer lies within each of us, in the wisdom of our innate resilience. We will discuss the nature of fear and the solution to finding inner peace in these challenging times. Join us for a heartfelt, honest conversation about what we are all facing together in these times—perhaps an opportunity to find our common humanity and our untapped inner strength. 



Caring for your Recovery
In Times of Uncertainty

Christian McNeill & Barbara Smith

Thursday, April 9th
10:00am - 11:30am US Central Time

Barbara and Christian will facilitate a session about our mind’s capacity to creatively and resourcefully problem solve and adapt. Resilience is an innate capacity that most of us underestimate. Simply by becoming more aware of our inner resources, more calm and clarity emerge, even in a the face of this health emergency. This call is designed to help participants see how they may unwittingly be creating additional stress from within and how to become more grounded in the strength required to handle life’s challenges.



Turning Lockdown into a Time of Reflection, Renewal and

Amy Johnson

Thursday, April 16th 

10:00am - 11:30am US Central Time

We have an unprecedented opportunity to slow down. Let's explore how this less busy time of life can help us go within to discover the innate peace and health that is alive and well, always.